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Summer issue 2013 is live!

Friday, July 05, 2013 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I always get so excited when a new issue goes live! So much hard works goes into creating Halfstack and the team behind it is truly amazing. So, when we go live - that means that the team gets their time to shine! All the writers, editors and designers created some amazing content this issue.

Our photographers, art director, makeup team and designers truly gave us some great images to share with you all. So, thank you to all of them! If you get a second - make sure you read about them on our site under the "Meet the Team" link! Also, make sure to read about the photographer we worked with on our Paraders/Sail Away editorial from Pickapose Photography: Laura Lopez on pg. 108 of this issue!

So, please take a moment to read the latest issue of Halfstack HERE! Make sure to let us know what you think on facebook and twitter and keep up with our Fashion Director on Halfstack's Instagram account!

Take Care Everyone!
Jenny Lezan

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