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Recover Like A Rockstar!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

How many of you are all set for the weekend festivities that will shortly ensue?!  With Lollapalooza only a few, short days away, I'm already rocking out in my head to my favorite songs from Imagine Dragons, Queens of The Stone Age, Mumford & Sons, The Killers and more...... 

Ugh....  the dreaded hangovers..... 

I have to remember, I'm not as young as I used to be.  

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could party all night with friends, listen to your favorite tunes from your favorite bands, enjoy your favorite cocktails and wake up the next morning without a massive headache or that overwhelming urge to throw up all of your insides?!  

You'll have to forgive my graphic imagery....  I'm just trying to paint a realistic picture!  

And while it's not likely that after a night of drinking, you won't wake up wishing you'd decided against those last 5 drinks.....  Halfstack has found the NEXT. BEST. THING. 

ACME Hotel Company is offering a Lolla "Recover Like A Rockstar" package!  What on earth?!  A hotel that actually understands what it means to party all night?  Sound too good to be true?  No sir....  

With this ultimate hangover package you can expect....  

- A six pack of 312 beer waiting in your room  (WHAAAAA?  Craft beer? I'm already sold.)
- 2 bottles of Powerade...  Here's hoping it's the blue stuff, but I'll take what I can get!  
- 2 aspirin packets
- $10 gift certificate to MBurger - One of Chicago's best burger joints!  The perfect, greasy hangover food!
- Discounted Access to the IVme Hydration Clinic Package - What pray tell might this be, you ask?! 
             For $99 (a $144 deal), you score an IVF package, including all fluids, medicines and vitamins, with a B12 shot!  
             And 25% off oxygen....  $15 for 30 minutes.  

This HAS to cost a fortune, right?!  Not quite...  They are actually quite comparable given that most hotels jack up their prices during big events... 

Package Pricing:  
 - July 29 to 31:  Standard King starts at $165; Suites start at $239
 - August 1:  $225; $229
 - August 2 to 3:  $315; $389

Pricing w/o the Package (lowest rates): 
 - July 29 to 31:  $169
 - August 1-3:  $299

As if the great prices and the ultimate hangover package weren't enough to entice you into staying at the ACME Hotel Company, perhaps this lifestyle boutique will change your mind with its hip design, high-tech vibe and approachable accommodations!  

To take advantage of this amazing deal, click HERE or call the hotel at (312)894-0800 and ask to reserve the Lolla "Recover Like A Rockstar" Package!  Book your room today... before they run out! 

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-Sophia Sanchez
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