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Modern Day Romeos - "The Quintessential Party Band"

Tuesday, July 02, 2013 Sophia Sanchez

It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through 2013 already.  The 4th is just a few days away, and we are deep into the summer months…..  though, some, may argue that the warm weather decided to skip Chicago this year.  But if I know Chicagoans, I know that inclement weather will not stop them from celebrating our nation’s Independence Day.  And with that comes the backyard BBQ's, the festivals, the frozen cocktails, fireworks and good times with friends and loved ones.  And what better to way to achieve that much fun, then to hit up a Modern Day Romeos concert!

The men of MDR – all Chicago natives – strive to bring each and every person attending their shows a unique music experience that is lively, upbeat, spontaneous and comedic.  I myself (Sophia here) have been to many MDR shows and to say that their performances are entertaining is a complete understatement!  Between Jim (lead vocals) dancing in the crowd & assigning singing parts to his avid fans and Justin (Acoustic Guitar/Backup vocals) slaving away on the cowbell before hitting up the stage with his awesome caterpillar moves… MDR is your classic party band! 

Having recently celebrated 11 years together, you can expect nothing short of amazing from these gents…  Covering classic rock to 80’s & 90’s favs, and Motown to today’s top charts, MDR adds a flavor and style of their own to each song.  Each member of the band comes from a different musical background and what they’ve created in Modern Day Romoes is without a doubt one of the most fun musical experiences out there.  With their fan base ranging anywhere from young children to 60+, you can rest assured that each show will have something tailored especially for you! 

When asked what he attributes the grand success of the band over the last decade, Jim is quoted as saying, “The main ingredient from the start has been crowd interaction and involvement, before during and after the show.”  “The fans feel closer to u and always are a part of the show instead of just watching it.  That is the foundation of their loyalty and our ongoing relationship with them.” 

And this isn’t just some line  though, I doubt Jim remembers me from almost two years ago (haha), he aided in the completion of one of my bucketlist items which was to MEET MODERN DAY ROMEOS! I can attest that all of the gentlemen of Modern Day Romeos are as loyal to their fans as they seem. 

Me.. with Jim Wojdyla in March of 2012 after a show at John Barleycorn - Schaumburg
Having shared the stage with the likes of Lucky Boys Confusion, Jimmy Van Zant and countless other bands in addition to 11 years of success with all the original bandmates, it’s really no surprise that MDR can far surpass their reputation.  Don’t miss out on your chance see them live this 4th of July weekend….  

From Top Left to Bottom Right
Jim Wojdyla, Jordan Engelhardt, Mike Zaitz
Steve Gill, Chris Perfect, Justin Wojdyla

For a complete listing of shows visit there website here.  

And don't forget to like them on Facebook & Twitter.

**A big thanks to the band for taking the time to answer some questions and for providing images of their shows.**

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