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Lux Hair Review: Tips on How to Tend Your Tresses

Friday, July 05, 2013 Sophia Sanchez

When it comes to women and their hair, we all dream of hair we don’t have! 

I’m the perfect example...  I have long, stick-straight hair that is hard to curl.  So much so that people laugh at me when I tell them I need to run the straightener through it.  But, I’ve always wanted curly hair.  Even as a child, when my mother allowed me to get numerous perms, more often than not the perms just wouldn’t take and I was once again stuck with straight hair.  

So when I heard that Laila Ali and Helen Troy collaborated in developing styling tools for multi-cultural hair, I was beyond excited and I had the pleasure of testing their products!

Laila Ali Straightener

This is one of the best straighteners I have used.  Granted, I have very straight hair to begin with.  But I love that this particular straightener has a temperature control depending on your hair type and not just the standard – low, medium, high – heat settings.  It also went through my hair with ease and didn’t cause any damage.  I feel I could use this every day and not damage my hair. 

Laila Ali Curling Stick

I have tried everything to make my hair curly. You name it, I have tried it. I was so excited when I used the curl stick.  It actually worked on my hair!  And it lasted all day and even into the next day.  The only down fall is that if you have a lot of hair, like I do, it can take a while to curl my entire head; however that is not indicative of the tool itself in any way.  The purchase is totally worth it. 

There are days in which I wish I didn’t have to style my hair at all.  Let me throw on a hat and just head out the door.  

But in the working world, you just can’t get away with that and the everyday ponytail is  lackluster.  We all have those moments in which we want to glam up a bit even if we have no plans of going out at all.  And that’s where Lux Hair comes into play.  Celebrity Sherri Shepard has developed a line of wigs that come in a variety of styles and even a wide range of shades so that you can match to your own hair color. 

LUX Hair Lace Front Goddess Waves

So on those days when you just don’t have the time to curl and/or tame your crazy locks, pick a wig and call it a day!  When I first tried on the Lux Hair Lace Front Goddess Waves wig, I looked in the mirror and instantly felt like a model!  The hair looks so real.  The waves in this wig are beautiful and you never have to worry if the wig loses its wave because you can just restyle it.  Yes, you heard that right, each wig comes with instructions on how to restyle as well as a care tag to ensure you get lasting use out of it.  And a care tip of my own – be sure to reshape the wig once you receive it since it does come in a box. 

I had the pleasure of....

getting a Demi-Glaze Keratin Complex treatment at Salon 110.  It was quite amazing.  And as someone who has relatively healthy, shiny hair to begin with, this treatment put my hair theory to shame.  I literally looked like I was getting ready to film a Vidal Sassoon hair commercial.  And the best part – they gave me some free samples of products to try at home.  

Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo 

This shampoo felt like it was a clarifying shampoo that got rid of all the impurities and buildup in my hair without striping my hair color.

KeraWhip Hydrating Cream Conditioner

This cream conditioner is one of the best treatments I’ve tried.  It made my hair so silky and shiny and was so easy to use.  Just shampoo your hair as normal. Apply the cream to wet hair and leave in for 10 minutes and rinse.  Be sure to make sure all of the conditioner is out.

Blondeshell Enhance High Shine Brightening Oil

You don’t have to have blonde hair to use this. This oil made my hair feel and look like silk. Be sure though when using this oil that you spray it into your hand and then apply to hair. I tried to spray it directly and it went all over my bathroom. 

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By Danielle Pulak

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