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I'm RUNNING the DIVA DASH...Are YOU??????

Monday, July 22, 2013 Stella Quimby

Since I have really mean editors here at Half Stack (just kidding-should I be nervous?) I am covering the SHAPE Diva Dash on behalf of Half Stack!!! Am I excited? Yes!! Am I scared? Yes; considering I haven't run in like FOREVER!!! So this Women's only race is a 5K that has various obstacle courses (not barbed wires or fire - I'd be crying right now), but fun little obstacles such as ropes and mazes!! The run is 3 miles of sand, road and even trail and there will be about 10-12 constructed obstacles, which doesn't include obstacles from natural terrain!! This race will be offered at many different cities such as here Chicago and many more!!! Also, because I literally don't want to run alone, if you sign up today and plug in the code BLOG, you'll get $10 off your race cost!!! Sign up here today and stay tune to Half Stack for racing tips!!!!


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