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ONE-P Athletic Apparel Launch

Thursday, June 20, 2013 Jen Pontrelli

Chicago, are you looking for your purpose?  On Wednesday, June 19th, local visionary Roy Uy launched what he hopes is the answer to bringing purpose to his own life and vision with the launch of his exclusive athletic apparel line: ONE-P.

Inspired by his background in physical education, Uy developed this line in order to create pieces of clothing that meet the individual needs of any type of athlete while also sharing his love of helping people find their purpose through health and wellness.  The line features shirts and hoodies made out of high-tech wicking or compression material with a game-changing customization feature that allows athletes to mix or match their desired sleeve length (one sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, 1/2 sleeve, or long sleeve) as determined by their particular sport or activity. In a refreshing twist on this innovative apparel, Uy ultimately hopes that a portion of profits gained from apparel sales will go towards helping low-income schools purchase athletic apparel for student athletes.

On Tuesday, the night before the apparel's launch for financial backing on Kickstarter, Uy and his ONE-P cohorts hosted a party at Moonshine in Wicker Park where he shared his designs and giddily explained his purpose and vision in creating these products.  Halfstack was on hand to learn about the material as well as celebrate the hard work that our fellow upstarts are putting into their potentially earth-moving projects.  The excitement and passion behind this project is palpable and Halfstack is honored to be working with Roy and his associates to help realize his One Purpose.

To have a look at Roy's designs or to back this project please visit their site at Kickstarter:

To learn more about Roy's inspiration and vision check out:

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