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Health: No Calls From Dr. in Middle of Vacation!!

Monday, June 24, 2013 Stella Quimby

I recently turned 30 and unlike most women my age, I was SUPER excited about it!! 30 is the age where women are at their peak...we are the most confidant, sexiest and at a ideal place in life; so unlike our 20's. So as a little gift for my 30th, my hubby took me and the kiddos to Florida (well not exactly a little gift). It was amazing (other than us missing our flight), the weather and the water (beach) were breathtaking, I was in heaven (a break from our bi-polar weather here in Chicago). All fun and games right? Well NO. Right in the smack middle of vacation, I get a call from the Doctor's office. The worse part is that I answered.

I have been losing a LOT of hair after the birth of my second child (he is 2 1/2 now). Everyone always mentions that it is common, but at the rate I was going, I was definitely going to be bald if it continued. I was also feeling very depressed for months now, to the point where I was contemplating if life was worth it (I naturally am a SUPER happy and hyper person for all those that know me...I even tire out my kids and students). Exhaustion was an issue I dealt with daily, so something was very wrong with me. Like any normal person, I decided to pay a visit to the Dr. Got blood drawn since they were convinced I had hypothyroidism. So the phone call was about the results.

The nurse on the other end of the call told me that I didn't have hypothyroidism (she actually said she wished that I did), instead I had an autoimmune disorder. I had to see a specialist since they couldn't do anything for me. I cried during and after the call...happy 30th, my body turned against me. Yes, I spent weeks (2 to be exact) mopping around feeling sorry for myself. I finally saw the specialist and it turns out I have a form of lupus, actually a relative (I call it the special cousin of lupus). It is called connective muscle tissue disorder (super long I know), an autoimmune disorder (when your immune system mistakenly targets connective tissue cells and organs). Connective tissue disorder for short; symptoms include joint swelling, fatigue, fever, depression, skin discoloration, scarring, muscle pain and more.

So despite all the med's I am on (which include 50,000 milligram of Vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks..causes MAJOR shakiness), I am finally feeling a bit like myself again. I realized that I have to take care of myself or else my 30's won't be as special as I envisioned. Being the junk food addict I was, I have to give up my taco bell and start eating foods that are healthy for me and not processed. So moral of this long story, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! If you feel that something is wrong with you, chances are something is. Go to the doctor and don't prolong it as I did and don't answer doctor calls in the middle of vacation unless it's life threatening!!! (I'm kidding...maybe).

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