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A Dog Is No Longer Just A Man's Best Friend

Thursday, June 06, 2013 Sophia Sanchez

Ever heard of the K-9 Comfort Dogs?  An organization that has made national headlines,  they have recently been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News Chicago, and WGN.  So who or what is this organization that seems to leave an imprint everywhere it goes?

Brought to you by Lutheran Church Charities and headquartered out of Addison, IL; the mission of the K-9 Comfort Dogs is to bring a calming influence to people by allowing them to open up their hearts and recieve help for what is affecting them through the love and comfort of a dog.  It may not seem like much, but the K-9 Comfort dogs travel all over the country to interact with people from churches, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and those who've been affected by disaster situations.   And this simple gesture of being able to spend a few moments with a furry golden retriever when faced with the cruel realities of life is enough to bring smiles to the faces of people of all ages. 

With over 60 dogs, only the calmest and docile of pups make the cut to become a K-9 Comfort Dog and their handlers work vigorously to ensure these animals uphold the name of the organization that everyone wants to be a part of.  When the Newton,  Connecticut shootings took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, these adorable pups and their handlers brought some peace to all those children and families who saw first-hand how cruel the world can be.  

Shortly after the Boston Bombings,  once again these precious animals hit the road to visit with all the victims at their hospital besides.   In the wake of the tornadoes that destroyed much of an Oklahoma town just a few weeks ago,  Lutheran Church Charities didn't hesitate to send the K-9 Comfort Dog's to Moore in order to bring some normalcy to those affected by the destruction in a way that only a loving dog can.  There is no restraint on the lengths these animals will go to, to bring peace and serenity to those who need it.

These animals and their handlers are making such an impression and doing so much good in the simplest of ways,  that it makes everyone want to give back.  Who knew that such a simple concept could leave such a lasting impression in the hearts of so many. 

To learn how to be a part of the organization - to volunteer,  or to donate to this cause - please visit their website online here.   And also be sure to check them out on Facebook
**Thank you to Lutheran Church Charities for providing the images.**

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