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A Dash of Sweetness

Thursday, June 13, 2013 Sophia Sanchez

We've all had those moments where we are completely engrossed in whatever task that daunts us in which we are suddenly overwhelmed with the craving for something sweet.  For me, it usually happens when I'm fully decked in pajamas and 35 minutes in to watching one of my guilty pleasure, trash television shows.  Without fail, no makeup on, pajamas and all, a late night grocery store run shortly ensues.  Don't judge me!  Dark Chocolate and The Real Housewives are my vices!  What are yours?! 

Quite honestly, in my 30 years of existence, I've only ever encountered two people who didn't enjoy eating sweets.  I called them communists to their faces.  There really is no other explanation.  Point blank, chocolate is just one of those things that puts a smile on everyone's face.  And Kathy Wiley of Poco Dolce knows exactly that!  

Owner and founder of Poco Dolce, Kathy Wiley has spent the last ten years building her business and perfecting her craft of supplying the country with the most delicious of hand-crafted confections.  From sea salt caramel, to peanut brittle, to bittersweet chocolate bars, and even toffee, there is no shortage of goodies to help fulfill that sweet tooth.  

Toffee Squares
Having spent most of her adult and career life in the tech professional world; Kathy had always had a desire and a longing to work for herself and own her own business.  She dabbled in a few ideas here and there before finally saying to herself "it's now or never."  She quit her job and took what little savings she had and hasn't looked back since.  

Using all natural ingredients and absolutely no genetically modified substances or ingredients, Poco Dolce prides itself on providing their customers with only the finest of sweets while helping to sustain the community by using locally grown ingredients as much as possible.  Using salts, chiles, and herbs in many of her creations, Kathy has coined the phrase "The Savory Side of Sweet" as being her company's motto.  With each piece of candy, you'll find distinct, bold, and strong flavors that are sure to make your taste buds dance!  

Chocolate Bars
Poco Dolce, Italian for 'little sweet,' brings you the best in savory and tasty treats.  With 70% of business being in wholesale, you can be sure to find these treats all over California and across the country.  But don't wait until you happen to spot the Poco Dolce name while shopping around your local store... satisfy that sweet tooth today by stopping in to visit Kathy or by ordering online! 

Celebrating it's 10 year anniversary this year, Poco Dolce is thriving and has broken record sales since opening it's doors in 2003.  Keep your eyes on this little business because it's sure to do big things in the future!  

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2419 3rd St.
San Francisco, CA  94107

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