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Interview with Kristen Cavallari

Monday, May 20, 2013 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Back in February, Half Stack Magazine had a chance to sit down with reality star, Kristen Cavallari, as her debut shoe collection, collaborated with Chinese Laundry, was launched at Von Maur in Yorktown Center. Walking into Von Maur where the Press Pit was set up was a surreal moment for me. Fans were lined up for hours waiting for their chance to meet and greet with Cavallari. The atmosphere was filled with fans schmoozing about how they “Can’t wait to meet her”, music was flowing and Cavallari’s new collection was looking fabulous.

Before the fans were able to meet with Cavallari, I was able to sit down with the fashionista in a more intimate setting- not to mention we got to stare at her man candy fiancé, Jay Cutler who accompanied her to the event. Read on for the interview!

Half Stack: Kristen, our readers are huge fans of yours and they are so excited about this new venture you have made! We’re very fanatic to be here with you as you launch your collection!

K. Cavallari: Thank you so much for coming, I’m also excited to be here today. Did that hurt? (Pointing to my Monroe piercing)

H.S.: No! Not at all, just a little pinch and that was it.

Cavallari: So, it didn’t hurt at all? I’ve always wanted to get it done.

H.S.: Nope not at all, I have two tattoos so my piercing doesn’t even compare to that.

Cavallari: yeah, I have two tattoos too, one on the back of my neck of my sign, Capricorn, and this dumb tiny star on my foot.

H.S.: It’s cute though! But, Kristen, overall how was your experience creating this impressive shoe collection?

K. Cavallari: It was so much fun! Honestly, I had so much fun doing it and it is such an amazing opportunity for me. I have no regrets about the styles we came up with and I had no compromises, everything I wanted in a shoe design, we got it to work.

H.S.: And you did an amazing job at it, there is not one dud in the collection!

Our fans see you as their inspiration, who or what has been your inspiration?

K. Cavallari: I am inspired by simplicity and classics, I designed the collection based off of just that, I designed for myself and my fans.

H.S.: You did a great job showing that in your collection, and from what I’ve seen out there in the line today, you have fans who are loving every single shoe!

Do you see yourself venturing out of shoes, perhaps clothing is next?

K. Cavallari: I’m not really sure what I’ll do next, I have my jewelry line out already which launched last week available on and then I am doing another collection going into the fall for 2013.

H.S.: That’s a lot going on! What can fans expect from the fall collection?

K. Cavallari: I love the fall; I love the fall in Chicago! It’s not like L.A. where you aren’t layering, here you can layer and bundle up which I love to do. The fall collection will have a lot of booties and boots, my favorite to wear in fall, and red, red will be huge in the fall this year.

H.S.: Going back to your busy life, most of our readers are also very busy and live hectic lives, what is a word of advice for them?

K. Cavallari: I would tell them to just not be so hard on themselves. That usually helps me throughout the day, I just think it’s so important to not take things so literal and intensely.

We'll be sure to share more events with you readers!
-Shauna & Alicia

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