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Fashion Icon Friday: Usher!

Friday, April 05, 2013 Jen Pontrelli

Let's hear it for the boys!  
...ahem.  Men.

Yes, we are excited because for the first time in our short history, Halfstack is honoring a male fashion icon!  Maybe it's because we can't take our eyes off of him on the show The Voice... or maybe after all these years we still can't get those sensual guitar strums out of our head from his 1998 song "Nice and Slow."  Either way, whether he's judging us or crooning us, he always manages to look suave doing it so today we honor Mr. Usher Raymond with one fabulous fashion icon Friday.


After 15 years in the business, Usher has not ceased to amaze us with his smooth voice, shrewd business sense and, most importantly here at Halfstack, his impeccable style.  He is able to pull off a range of looks from casual basketball shoes and sweats to tailor fitted suits and sweater vests.  At left, he's shows his versatility and sense of style by mixing a knit sweater vest with  a velvet suit coat, a beautiful, layered combination that would go great at any holiday or wintertime party.

 Below, Usher displays his playful sense of fashion by donning a bright teal suit at left and pairing different shades of denim (with leopard print sneakers!) at right.  He always accessorizes with a great pair of shades but, unlike other celebs, he doesn't hide behind them because he knows his best accessory of all is that beaming smile.  We love his fearlessness and the fun-loving attitude that comes across in his fashion and his demeanor.  

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