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April Fool's Fashion: Looks That Make Us Say Whaaaat!?

Monday, April 01, 2013 Jen Pontrelli

Happy April Fool's, Halfstackers!  In honor of the hijinks and tomfoolery that are associated with the first of April, we decided to give you guys a showcase of looks and trends that make us say: "WTF?!" in a little feature we like to call Fool's Fashion.  

For those of us who love and follow it, fashion can turn into a slippery slope.  After thumbing through the latest pages of Vogue, Glamour or Lucky, you might decide to try some new trends out for yourself.  First, you might splurge on a pair of Pucci pumps or the hot new Marc Jacobs cross-body messenger bag.  After successfully trying out the latest version of the bandage dress, you might opt to branch out a little bit... test the limits of your personal fashion philosophy.  Before you know it you're sporting head to toe denim (à la Justin and Britney circa 2001) and shaving the sides of your head in order to install metal studs (oh, Ke$ha).  Ok, that might be a little extreme, but with an incredible array of influence that various fashion houses draw from it's easy to see how bad fashion can happen to well-meaning fashionistas.  Check out some of our least favorite looks and trends on some of our favorite celebrity fashion influences below...

1. Socks and Sandals.

It almost seems criminal criticizing the artist formerly known as fashion and culture icon, Carrie Bradshaw, but Sarah Jessica Parker has done herself in with the trend that was originally popularized by men over 65.  We're so used to seeing SJP able to pull off any look, no matter how wacky or out there, but this crime is just so offensive that even her casual-hip-New-York-mom style can't save the fashion abomination on her feet.  Of course, we give her props for trying something new and won't give her too much hell as she's not walking a red carpet, but taking her kids to school, but let's think seriously about socks and sandals next time, Mrs. Parker! 

2. The Mullet Skirt.

While we appreciate the innovation in playing with unusual hemlines and the attempt to bridge the gap between casual and dressy, this is a trend that we have not fully jumped on board with quite yet.  This fixture from the festival circuit, just seems un-even and confused.  With the short, "party" length of the skirt in front and the long, "business" length in the back the mullet skirt ends up not really covering much up at all and leaves the wearer wondering what season this look might truly be appropriate for.  We have seen this look pulled off successfully by starlets like Blake Lively and Kristen Cavallari, but overall we're ready for this look to evolve into a classier, more defined version of itself.

3.  Tribal Prints.                                                                                
Ryan Gosling may be one sexy, stylish man, but in our opinion these "tribal" or "ethnic" prints have run their course.  Falling victim to yet another trend cultivated by the hippy, festival crowd, Gosling rocks the geometric, faux-woven pattern underneath a burgundy cardigan on the street.  Again, we won't punish him too hard because this is a casual look, but this garish print does no justice to the historically significant designs that inspired it and comes off as somewhat juvenile and uninformed.

4. Ugg Boots and Shorts.

And to round out our little April Fool's Day fun, we give you Snooki.  This lovable ditz, iconic for her fist-pumping days on the Jersey Shore, is practically a walking fashion disaster.  Nothing screams fashion schizophrenia more than donning warm Ugg boots (covered in heat-stroke inducing fur) with some Daisy Duke length shorts.  Similar fashions have been shown on Britney Spears and Hayden Panettiere in some cool California weather, but Snooki is rocking this look in Florence, a center of style and fashion, in the middle of the hot, Italian summer (yikes!).  The pint sized star sure knows how to accessorize her unique look with her Louis Vuitton bag and camp-beige neck brace as well.  In spite of her fashion antics, we still love Snooki for her Shore antics, we're just hoping trends like this get cancelled for good!

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