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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

If there is one thing that the editors of Halfstack know, it is that we are only here because of the amazing people we work with. So, when someone we adore and appreciate is facing some hard stuff, we believe in standing right by them. So, Stella - this one is for you.

 Ok, as you all know - I'm a mom (It's jen BTW). It's by far the one title I am proudest of. Motherhood has been no cake walk. It is hard, trying and at times can be defeating. Yet, I'll tell you one thing. Despite how hard it is being a mommy hustler who's trying to make ends meet - it is the most rewarding and amazing challenge that life has ever bestowed upon me.

I am so grateful for the person that I became because of my daughter. I am also so lucky that she is healthy. Now, this post today isn't to sadden or depress you, but rather inspire you. I have an amazing close friend. She's the type of woman and mentor that pushes you to greatness. At one point she was one of my professors and now as I am a professor, I consider her a colleague. She is also a Halfstack team member with an amazing writing style and hilarious attitude (go check out her article - WTF - an exploration on Star's modas).

Well, Stellita and I were talking today about life and how crazy it can be and how we forget to cherish the great things. How frustrated we can get when people just dramatize petty things when there are people out there that need hope.

Stellita has been going through a tough time, her youngest cousin is ill. She's a 13 year old trooper who has terminal cancer, but is continuing to fight the good fight. Because like many a latina woman out there, she's got cahones and doesn't want to give up. Even despite now being paralyzed because the cancer spread to her brain, she keeps going. Now, Ashley's story inspired me today. As a mom, I couldn't fathom, what her mom is going through. The idea of my daughter just having a cold and a fever gives me night sweats and heart ache. To watch your child wither away from an illness you can barely fight, just blows my mind.

But, like I said, this is NOT to depress you. It is to inspire you. This little girl and her family are doing everything in their power to make sure she can keep going.  Like I said, they are troopers and inspiring because the fortitude behind their faith is unwavering. They are working with doctors to see if they can try experimental treatments, BUT it costs money. As a mommy I know money can be hard to come by. While I don't have much, I'll do what I can which includes this post. I am hoping that some of you out there, will find it in your heart to help this family. Whether you donate by making a purchase, telling a friend or sharing the following links on facebook, you are still helping save a life. Check out the site where you can help Ashley HERE.

The one thing I realized today was that life is so short. It's but a fleeting moment and it is imperative that we cherish every millisecond that we have. Let go of petty things and find the beauty in everything around you. Find joy in your life and learn that NOTHING in life is impossible if you have faith and just a little ambition. Ashley, I am hoping and praying for you and I hope that this little post on my little blog helps bump up that bar on your site because you deserve the chance to keep going and experience life - just like my little girl deserves the chance to experience it. Without worry and to the fullest.

So, I figured if Halfstack could raise $3500 to follow our dreams, we could help little Ashley raise $2000 to help save or in the least make her life a little more comfortable as she battles cancer. What do you say, Chicago? Can you help her out? Check out the site where you can help Ashley HERE.

My prayers are with you kiddo.

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