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Monday, March 05, 2012 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

It's been a tumultous 5 months! The road to success can be daunting, but if you have faith and a vision, never allow your fear to get in the way of your dreams. Mariana, Kate and I all had a dream and today, we are seeing it come true.

Due to the amazing support of our friends, families and colleagues - we have brought an idea to life. Chicago, we present to you - Halfstack Magazine. It is the love child of fashion, music, art, politics and culture combined with the power of today's youth. We have a fresh perspective on what is hot today and we are going to share our ideas and opinions with all of you in hopes that you will rebuttle.

Halfstack is by the people for the people and is dedicated to all the young up and comers in the greatest city in the world - Chicago. Midwesterners have a flare and style all their own and strong beliefs that they are not afraid to voice. Through Halfstack, we aim to educate people and inspire them to challenge their inner being to take that leap of faith and follow their dreams.

The Spring 2012 issue is all about making it in Chicago. We have highlighted musicians, artists and designers who are hustling for their dreams. They're like me and you - working a day job, but moonlighting as their alter ego - designer - rapper - artist. We hope that their stories give all of you out there guidance on the steps to take in your own life to follow your dreams.

The fashion and style that you will see throughout these pages are dedicated to young professionals who are struggling to make ends meet, but still want to look fly. We understand how important it is for life to be attainable these days and we firmly believe in being ballers on a budget.

So, take some time, peruse our pages and drop us a line if you feel so inclined to do so.

Welcome to the dollhouse Chi-town...

Jen Lezan
EIC - Halfstack Magazine

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