Tuesday, March 13, 2012 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hey there Halfstackers!!

Last week was such an amazing week for Mariana, Kate and I. Not only did we launch our baby, but we met some great people and had such a fabulous experience with our first official launch party as a company! The turn out was amazing. We had Deuces packed and more people showed up than we ever imagined would.

We want to send a shout out to all of you who have supported, volunteered and dedicated your talents to this magazine. Without all of you - we would not be where we are today! So, stay tuned -- tonight we will be posting pictures of the event!! Full disclosure, it was a good time and people enjoyed themselves, so if you posed for a pic -- we hope it turned out as amazing as you felt when you were taking it :D

Talk to you all later tonight!
Jen Lezan
Editor-in-Chief Halfstack Magazine

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